Welness Fullfilment Longevity - Karl de Leeuw

Welness Fullfilment Longevity

By Karl de Leeuw

  • Release Date: 2014-04-23
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
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Wellness, longevity, fulfilment; they are achievable. It is possible to live a disease free and amazing life despite current statistics. A staggering 80 % of the Western population dies from diseases, heat attacks, stokes, etc. We have come to accept that diseases are a part of growing old, that our grandparents, parents, our peers and ourselves, even our children will eventually succumb to heart attacks, strokes, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Osteoporosis, and a host of other ailments but this need not be our fate. 

Hippocrates, the true father of western medicine stated 2,400 years ago, 
"Nature is the physician of man." 
"Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pots if you can cure your patient with food." 
It should be logical, common knowledge even, that the best medicine is prevention and nourishing the complex and amazing system that is the human body will prevent disease but this is just one piece of the puzzle. 

Most people know of a friend, colleague, relative, etc who was vegan, ran marathons, and meditated yet he or she met the sad eventuality of cancer that also strikes those who lead a sedentary and wholly unhealthy lifestyle. Such news leads many to stipulate that disease can strike us all, even the healthiest among us. Wellness, Fulfilment Longevity: How to live a Disease Free Amazing life, puts together the complex puzzle that has been missed over and over by the medical community; allopathic and naturopathic alike. 

Through concise and easy to read chapters, Wellness, Fulfilment, Longevity will discuss the world's longevity nations, specifically the Hunzukuts of the Himalayas, the importance of and role of pH balance in the body, the necessity of naturally meeting the all the body's nutritional requirements, and much more. There are many books and research on each topic discussed in Wellness, Fulfilment, Longevity but here, the reader will find it compiled into one complete puzzle. The information in this book empowers the reader to take charge of their health and find fulfilment in a long disease free life. 

Separate to this book is a Nutrition Plan that can be purchased via a link in chapter 18 or on the link provided at the end. My registered nutritionist and I selected foods to supplement any dietary deficiencies and needs. We selected food based on their mineral, vitamin, essential fatty acids content as well as their glycemic index, ORAC score, etc. Our nutritionist is also a cooking instructor and she created a full menu based on my longevity nation diet. The menu meal plan is comprehensive, covering every variation of meal and snack during the week with interesting easy to follow recipes. 

The Nutrition Plan includes: 
- My daily diet as a single person emphasizing what food items are important 
- A seven day A4 meal plan designed for family use linked to below recipes 
- 7 Midday meal recipes 
- 7 Evening meal recipes 
- 7 Snack recipes 
- 7 Sweet recipes 
- Recommended books that provides many more recipes including treats 
- Nutrition software package details that can be used to design your own plan 

It is possible to live disease free. An old diet and lifestyle can be ‘traded in’ for a healthier option with a positive mindset. Be part of the change and go for it. 

Nutrition plan http://karldeleeuwfoundation.com/products.html