The Process Improvement Handbook: A Blueprint for Managing Change and Increasing Organizational Performance - Tristan Boutros & Tim Purdie

The Process Improvement Handbook: A Blueprint for Managing Change and Increasing Organizational Performance

By Tristan Boutros & Tim Purdie

  • Release Date: 2013-10-13
  • Genre: Engineering
  • Size: 19.83 MB

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The Definitive Guide to Process Improvement & Operational Excellence. This complete body of knowledge for process improvement professionals provides an easy-to-understand foundation for process maturity capability in any company.

The Process Improvement Handbook: A Blueprint for Managing Change and Increasing Organizational Performance introduces an all-encompassing body of knowledge for anyone looking to improve their operating environment. It presents a practical way to build and improve processes, and can assist professionals whether they are learning the basics of Process Improvement, planning their first improvement project, or evangelizing process oriented thinking throughout their organization. All of the concepts explained in this book encapsulate everything needed to enable process excellence from start to finish, saving time, conserving resources, and accomplishing more in a competitive timeframe. These practical insights will make you more effective in any Process Improvement role: from contributor, stakeholder, executive, team member, department, business division, supplier, and customer.

Highlights include:
A comprehensive framework that outlines the methods, tools, and competencies used to create sustainable Process Improvement effortsAn industry-leading architecture approach for building organizational processes - Process-Oriented Architecture (POA)Demonstrating the importance of end-to-end process improvement, and the pitfalls of individual and isolated improvement methodsCapitalizing on practical agility principles to deliver faster resultsSample learning materials such as instructions for getting started, practical guides, real-world case studies, and templates available in the book and on an affiliated websiteA self-sufficient reference guide that all employees can easily use or self-train withA common vocabulary within the Process Improvement profession for discussing, writing, and applying Process Improvement conceptsA robust tool for educating or training organizations and professionals
Includes a Foreword from Dr. H. James Harrington, prolific author of over 35 Process Improvement books and winner of numerous quality awards including ASQ's Distinguished Service Medal.

Praise for the Process Improvement Handbook:

"I believe that this is a book that will end up with many yellow highlights in almost every chapter. You are wise to buy this book; you’ll be even wiser if you apply its contents to the way your organization functions." -– H. JAMES HARRINGTON, Ph.D., Prolific Author of over 35 books, CEO Harrington Institute

"A true gift to all business process professionals. The Handbook is comprehensive in scope, deliberate in focus, deep in expert knowledge, and highly practical. -- JOSEPH A. BRAIDISH, Director of Consulting and Training, Rummler-Brache Group

"Boutros and Purdie present a framework that is invaluable for any organization looking to improve its processes (and what organization isn't looking to do that). Concise, clear, and credible, this handbook is full of ideas and approaches that will benefit anyone working with process improvement." -- MIKE JACKA, Author of "Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction 2nd Edition"

"Finally, we have book that takes Process Improvement from theory to templates. There are a lot of books that poke at pieces of process improvement structure, but this book finally takes us across the entire spectrum. It is invaluable in two ways: it is a valuable resource for identifying and understanding the role and impact of a process within an organization, and it is a valuable on-going reference. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is searching for process improvement opportunities, no matter if a novice or advanced in their search." -- GERHARD PLENERT, Author of “Strategic Continuous Process Improvement

”An indispensable resource for achieving meaningful process improvement; readers will be miles ahead of where they would have been if they tried to navigate the world of process management on their own." -- KEN CARRAHER, CEO of iGrafx