Linger - V.E. Campudoni


By V.E. Campudoni

  • Release Date: 2016-07-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
  • Size: 153.95 KB

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It all started with a contract signed by her, and then by him, the top Dom at an upscale club known as The Looking Glass. She was barely an adult when she met him, and she had no business being there, but she was mesmerized by the man in the mask, though ill prepared for his demands. There was no line he would not cross.

But don’t ever make the mistake of crossing him. Ask the men who raped his sister. They know. Don’t raise a hand to the woman he loves. You will pay, with your body, your money, and your life. And if you think you can double cross him, think twice. He’s harsh with his enemies, and the Mafia is also watching… and waiting.

Years ago, Grand Mistress Montenegro sacrificed everything to keep the Master’s Society in the Montenegro family, and she believes that Enzio Salazar is the man to bring the Society to the next generation. She taught him everything. Now he is King of The Looking Glass, and Grand Master of the Master’s Society, and it seems everyone is trying to take him down.

But make no mistake. If you want to get your rocks off, this isn’t an orgy club. If the only thing you want is sexual intercourse, be a whore somewhere else. This is for Subs and Doms, and certain etiquettes must be followed.

Proceed with Caution:
The Masked Emotions series is a dark romance. It’s a love story with strong sexual themes, violence, dark Mafia activities, and alternative sexual experiences. Some readers may be offended. Others, however, will be aroused beyond their wildest imaginations!

He was sexy and dominating with hands that made her grip his arms and toss her head back. His intense smile told her everything she needed to know. She was his for as long as he wanted her.

“Turn around and face me,” he spoke as he gently pulled on the leash he had made specially for her.

She was hesitant and nervous. The black leather strap was tied tightly across her eyes as she tried to maneuver her long amber hair away from her ear. She felt another pull coming from the collar around her neck, but this time there was much more force.

“I said turn around!” his voice was sterner and yet somewhat familiar.

“Yes…” she softly spoke.

“Yes, what?” he growled, pulling on the leash again.

“Yes, Master,” she gasped.

“Good, very good,” he praised.

She felt exposed, and she could feel his eyes piercing through her, examining her body. She instinctively tried to cover herself.

“Drop your arms!” he scowled, and she could hear his footsteps as he casually walked around her. She felt his mask lightly touching her left ear. She felt his lips lightly touch hers and she tried hard to kiss him, but he pushed back.